Cure Your Post Long Weekend Funk With Bacon Me Angry by @AngryOrchard!!!!

Did everyone have a good Labor Day weekend? We hope so! It was the last little bit of excitement for awhile. Sure, football is starting back up, the baseball pennant races are getting close, the fall TV lineups are going to be back on, and the leaves should start changing on trees soon. But we’re talking about holidays – What’s next, Halloween? Is anyone giving a 3 day weekend for that yet? What about Columbus Day? We remember getting that day off in school, but his image has kinda taken a hit in the last decade, so we’re probably not going to get that one off either.


Basically, if you’re into getting 3 days in a row off of work, you don’t have TOO much to look forward to until Thanksgiving. We definitely fall into that camp, but luckily Angry Orchard sent us a recipe for a pretty cook drink they put together for National Bacon Day. That was on Saturday, but we didn’t want to clutter your Labor Day weekend too much. Plus, we knew how quickly afterwards you’d be searching for that next thing to look forward to. So here’s the recipe, before you fall too deeply into your post Labor Day funk!



Bacon Me Angry
  • 1 oz. bacon infused vodka
  • Splash maple syrup
  • Dash of bitters
  • 4 oz. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
Method: Stir over ice, strain into a glass (martini suggested), garnish with a brandied cherry and small strip of bacon.
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