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From the Hotel: Pastry Chef Daniel Benjamin of Herons, the Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond restaurant at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, N.C., shares his own recipe for Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Custard with Fruit and Nut Granola to try at home. With ingredients like dark chocolate, almonds, oats and Carrageenan (which helps keep intense chocolate flavor), this recipe is light yet rich-tasting dessert has little added fat. What’s not to love?

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Custard

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Custard
1 c Almond Milk
Pinch of salt
8oz Dark Chocolate
1¼ c Water
1/8 tsp Kappa Carrageenan
1/4 tsp Iota Carrageenan

1. Combine Almond Milk, Salt and Chocolate in a bowl over double boiler until smooth, set aside.

2. With a hand blender mix the Carrageenan into the water. Then, pour into sauce pan and bring to full boil

3. Pour over the chocolate mixture and mix well.

4. Pour Custard into desired serving dish (ramekin, martini glass, bowl, etc.)

5. Allow to set in fridge for 1 hour

Fruit and Nut Granola
½ c Honey
½ c Maple Syrup
¼ c Olive Oil, citrus flavored
Nice pinch of salt
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
1½ c Rolled Oats
¼ c Toasted Coconut
¼ c Toasted Sliced Almonds
¼ c Freeze Dried Raspberries

1. Combined honey, syrup, olive oil, salt, and cinnamon in sauce pan and warm (taste for salt and season as needed)

2. Once seasoned well bring to full boil and boil for 3 minutes

3. Pour over oats and toss to combine

4. Pour onto parchment lined sheet pan and bake at 300 until golden brown and crispy

5. Remove from oven. Remove mixture from parchment paper and pour onto clean cool surface, separate

6. Once cooled rough chop in food processor to break into pieces

7. In a bowl combine mixture with coconut, raspberries and almonds

8. Spoon over custard and top with nice sorbet, blood orange or citrus works nicely

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