Dassant Premium Baking Mixes Are Kinda Like Whoa

This is my first review for Sugar Loco and I’m riding a jazzedness AND sugar high not the least of which comes from my past week of sweet indulgence in not one, but four (4!) delicious baking mixes from Dassant. I know, I KNOW, you hear “baking mixes” and you wonder, “hmmm does it taste like a mix?” you’re skeptic. Well listen up cause I don’t lie about sweets and here’s the skinny: Dassant mixes don’t taste like mixes at all, they taste like some sweet little grandma made them from scratch using old family recipes in the cutest little vintage kitchen while bluebirds perched on the windowsill whistling sweet songs.

Deliciousness! Here, look…

I made these truffle brownies and they were amaaaazing. The box made mucho so I brought some to work to share and all day there were these moments where people would stop by, grab a brownie, take a bite, and then pause… roll their eyes to heaven… and then stare me in the face and say things like, “oh my gosh!” “freaking amazing” “I love you” etc. It was a good day.

The other flavors I tried were lemon cake (yum!), chocolate chocolate chip (cup)cakes (whoa!), and then my absolute favorite was the cinnamon chip bread.

It tasted and had the lightness of angel food cake, just this side of being a bread at all, and the cinnamon was the perfect amount. Just amazing! I my family gobbled the loaf up in an afternoon and then shed a tear when it was gone. So much good.

Each of the mixes was super easy to make. Adding things like eggs, oil, water and then popping in the oven. One thing I really loved was the quality of the mix-ins. The chips and truffles in the chocolate goodies were remarkably chunky and the end results were always rich and moist. Totally mouth watering.

Dassant has been in the business of high quality baking mixes since 1980. You can find them at places like Amazon, Ross, Tuesday Morning, and Bi-Mart.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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