A Day Spent Making Pancakes is a Day Well Spent Indeed

Thank God for IHOP, but sometimes I miss the times when making pancakes (or anything else for that matter) at home was an EVENT!

I and my sister couldn’t wait for the weekend to come because it was then, that us and momma would put our aprons on and start whipping up batches of fluffiness.

The digitalization is good because now sites like MyGreatRecipes can replace the old cooking books and cooking cards, but spending hours watching Netflix and scrolling through social media is something we need to reduce to a minimum.

Try, for instance, finding your favorite pancake recipes from this collection with over 150 American Pancake Recipes

Why Pancakes?

Well, despite the fact that they are very much loved by almost everyone I know, they are pretty easy to handle, and you can be as creative as possible.

Actually, it is this last part you should focus on. Try and play with the ingredients you are using.

Spend a day making healthy hotcakes. Replace regular flour for a healthier variant, regular milk for a non-dairy one, and use flax eggs. And even if your pancakes don’t turn out to be the way you expected them to be, you will still find them incredibly delicious, because it was YOU who made them.

Or, go overboard and try recipes you never in a million years would have thought of. Have you tried the Oreo Pancakes? The Red Velvet ones? The Reese’s Pancakes? Here’s your chance. Invite your best friend around, or invite your kids to join you in the venture. You will be amazed at how much fun you all will have.

Pancake Art to Warm Your Heart

Maybe my favorite thing about pancakes is you get to be as creative as possible! Just make your regular pancake batter, or if you have a favorite, then go for that one, and start thinking of what can you create.

This is especially fun if you have children, together you can create anything from Christmas trees to animal shaped hotcakes. And mind you, I am not talking about the hotcake art like that of creating Justin Bieber’s figure from a batter, but rather simpler ideas:



Make one regular sized pancake, and two smaller ones (for the ears). Put a spoonful of whipped cream in the middle of the bigger one, this would be the base for the nose and mouth, which you can create by simply drawing a dot and two lines straight from the chocolate syrup container. Make two more dots as the eyes, or use blueberries, raisins, M&Ms or anything you’d find appropriate J.

Christmas Tree


Make a batch of pancake batter and color it green (either with food coloring or gelatin powder). It is a matter of preferences, whether you want a more vibrant color or a lighter tone.

Pour 4 tablespoons of batter for the base, then reduce the quantity for the ones that will go on top.

Regardless of whether you opt for pancakes or one of these particular ideas, there is one thing you can take from this entry: time spent with your family is time well spent indeed.


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