DD Buddy – Awesome Service Available in Montana!


There are a lot of good ideas out there on crowdfunding websites, but we really feel like we should mention this one. DUIs can cost A LOT of money – the average is $10.000 once all the various fees are paid out. Since more than 4,000 Americans a day are getting arrested for DUIs, this is an enormously expensive issue.  We do feature A LOT of drinks on here, and we want everyone to be able to drink responsibly! ;).

DD Buddy is a new app that is currently helping drinkers in Montana get home safely, for free! It’s a really easy to use app that connects people who need rides with anyone willing to give them. Drivers can sign up to give rides to their friends, or anyone who needs a ride in the area, and in return are given rewards worth up to $20 per ride. It’s a good way to earn money, and it’s also a good chance to be available to a friend. Everyone wins! Here’s a snippet from their crowdfunding page.


It sounds too good to be true, but so far it’s already available across one of the biggest states in the country, with rural options that other services like Uber don’t have yet. They only need $25,000 to build out their infrastructure and team to take the app nationwide and across Canada too! SO what are you waiting for?


Head over to DD Buddy’s Indiegogo page to learn more and donate!

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