Decadent Chocolate {Online Classes}

Working with chocolate is an art. It is an art due to the delicateness of the ingredient. If you have ever worked with chocolate bars then you have experienced first hand how temperamental chocolate can be.

I am happy to say that it no longer has to be this way.  Have you ever heard of a Craftsy?

Craftsy is a website dedicated to all types of do-it-yourself craft classes. The classes which are taught online cover several topics, one of them being Decadent Chocolate Cakes.

Decadent Chocolate Cakes is taught by Alice Medrich, a cookbook author and pastry Chef.  The entire series of classes are designed to teach you both basic and advanced ways to work with chocolate:  how to melt chocolate, how to incorporate chocolate into recipes by folding it with dry ingredients, how to prepare melted chocolate for glazes, how to create a marble effect by using two different types of melted chocolate together, and how to create chocolate fans used as decorations for cakes!

Each class takes you step by step, from the basic step of  how to properly melt chocolate, how to measure ingredients continuing all way through to the end teaching you how to bake and create three marvelous chocolate cakes:

"queen of sheba chocolate cake"

The Queen of Sheba Cake

"chocolate birthday cake"

The Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake

"raspberry chocolate cake"

Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake

Watching Alice Medrich work with chocolate is simply stunning. She has such a graceful way of working with her hands that it is very easy to just sit there in front of the monitor screen dumbfounded completely mesmerized by the melted chocolate! Well, that’s what happened to me!

Not only do you watch the classes, you are also able to download the materials needed for baking the cake and the recipe – all from the website.  I was able to watch all the classes, and I have to say that I have learned so much about working with chocolate that I am excited to give one of her Decadent Chocolate Cake recipes a try. I am not too confident how the decorations may turn out (I think I need more practice) but I am sure that the cakes will taste amazing!

Trust me, after only watching the first class, Alice Medrich will have inspired you to give these chocolate techniques a try, too!

Like what you see here…then show them some sugar


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  • June 6, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    What a fabulous idea! Chocolate is something I would ALWAYS like to do more research on.