Delicieux Designer Donuts

Don’t be fooled, these little minis are not exactly what I thought they’d be.  They’re not donuts, but they are designer truffles SHAPED like donuts….Even though Choclatique pulled one over on me, I am still happy as cute little clam to devour the entire box, seeking my favorite “donut” of course (I do it all in the name of research and development).  Thank God for samplers, since picking a favorite from a box of 15 is damn near impossible.They were all quite delicious, each one having a distinctly different “donut” shop flavor – Wicked Red Cherry, Fluff-A-Nutter, and Chocolate Sprinkles to name a few.  Mouth watering yet?

When you order – don’t forget to add their amazing Choclatique Cookbook, for chocolate lovers,  to your cart.  Chocolate overload?  NEVER.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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