Delicious Desserts In Ayia Napa


When many people think of holidaying in Ayia Napa no doubt the first thing that comes to mind is either the nightlife or the beach. Ayia Napa certainly has a lot to offer every holidaymaker, whether you’re in your 20s and looking for a clubbing experience, or you’ve got a young family and you’re looking for a sunny holiday by the beach. For most people the food is a secondary consideration but believe me – the good food and good desserts are a major part of what makes this an AMAZING holiday experience.
Spoil Yourself On Holiday 

Holidays are about letting go and doing what you want for a week or two. Ayia Napa is not only known for its beautiful beaches, excellent nightlife, and tropical weather, it is also famous for mouth-watering desserts that will definitely tickle your taste buds. Quality cuisine and entertainment go hand-in-hand in Ayia Napa, and while you probably didn’t book your trip for the desserts, you’ll definitely be bringing back fond memories of all the delicious desserts on offer!

Enjoy Fine Cypriot Cuisine 

Cypriot cuisine has a strong Greek influence and features a spectacular array of desserts. Foods include Finikia which are a cookie-like treat with a subtle orange flavour made without dairy products, so they’re great for those with dairy allergies. Galaktoboureko is another great dessert treat that’s a bit like a custard filled pastry. It’s a great way to round off a tasty meal at a fine Cypriot restaurant!

Making The Most Of Your Time Off 

The range of desserts on offer may not be a strong consideration when choosing your next holiday destination, but here’s a tip – you should definitely consider trying out the range of desserts on offer in Ayia Napa. Holidays are all about forgetting about your worries and simply enjoying yourself. Nothing exemplifies this more than spoiling yourself with rich, delicious desserts and there is no end of fine desserts on offer in Ayia Napa.

If you’re off on holiday to Ayia Napa in the near future then get ready to enjoy some fantastic desserts. Cypriot cuisine is full of all sorts of delicious meals and their range of desserts is no exception. Spoil yourself while you’re on holiday and indulge yourself in their selection of rich, delicious desserts. You’ve only got a week or two to enjoy yourself so there will be plenty of time for diets when you’re back home!


If the picture up top and the incredible culinary culture of Ayia Napa interest you, check out this site for more info on what else you can experience there!

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