Delicious Easter Martini from @KEELVodka

Keel Vodka

Alright parents! Give yourselves a hand! You put together the Easter baskets, hid the eggs around the yard, took your little ones to church, and now you’re just settling in for the day’s activities. If only there were a way to reward yourselves AND avoid the stress of the inevitable “Johnny found more eggs than me!” meltdown. Luckily, thanks to KEEL Vodka and their team of mixologists, we have a beverage you can relax with instead of kicking yourself for hiding an odd number of eggs.


The beauty of KEEL Vodka is that it lacks the bite and harsh aftertaste that you may be used to from traditional vodkas. That means you can get away with a heavy pour, so you don’t have to drink too many of these to melt away the stress of providing your kids with a magical Easter morning. And if you don’t have kids, no worries. You can start drinking these Saturday night and just roll straight into Sunday brunch with them. They’re THAT good, I promise you’ll want to. But enough talk – let’s get that recipe.



Fresh lemon juice

Peach nectar

Muddle lemon and add ice. Pour 1 oz peach nectar over ice. Pour KEEL over ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with thinly sliced fresh peach and mint leaf.​

Drink up!

Like this cocktail idea? Think you can make a better Easter drink with KEEL Vodka? Head over to their Facebook page or Twitter feed and let them know!

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