Denver Dining To Check Out

The dining scene in Denver is something you can’t ignore as a local or visitor. From delightful destinations for beer, food trucks, to new eateries popping up around town, there’s always something around with the potential to catch your attention. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of low key restaurants or more premium spots that require reservations, there’s going to be multiple businesses waiting to impress your taste buds.

The best part about dining in Denver is that you get all of the quality of a big city without any of the pretentious feeling you might get in other places!

If you’re looking to stay on top of all of the latest restaurants in Denver, here are some of the newest making a splash! If you need a Denver Car Service to get around town, be sure to do your research!


Avanti F&B

3200 Pecos Street

Denver, CO 80211

This is a collective eatery which means you get to take advantage of various styles of food under one roof such as poke bowls and modern Asian style street food.  There are five counter service spots and bars, so you can also count on craft cocktails, freshly made arepas and pizza options here. We love the high energy atmosphere and diversity of food and drink…this is really a place where there’s a little something for everybody.



1801 Central Street

Denver, CO 80211

LoHi has been blessed with a proverbial portal into Italy! You feel like you’re walking into a rustic charming cafe in Europe. They do have lighter lunch fare, but the stars of the show are the heavy hitters on the dinner menu such as Gnocchi Con Bolognese with braised lamb and a truffle oil pizza with fresh mushrooms.


Citizen Rail

1899 16th Street

Denver, CO 80202

This is only one restaurant making a debut at Hotel Born along with the reopening of Tavernetta. This is the perfect destination to consider when you want to enjoy cocktails and small plates without sacrificing quality. Their menu boasts duck fat potatoes, specialty smoked and aged meats, as well as a hickory braised oxtail that’s overwhelmingly flavorful.


Urban Farmer Denver

1659 Wazee Street

Denver, CO 80202

Located in the Oxford Hotel, this steak house packs a punch. They curate their meat selection and focus on using the entire animal, and this type of attention shines through in their dishes. The communal style charcuterie station is a pretty unique experience! Local products are used through the menu, and that continues all the way down to their alcohol and spirit selection.



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