Dessert for Breakfast! Banana Chia Pudding from May-Mei Lee and @DOONYA

puddingDOONYA is the new Bollywood dance inspired workout craze that’s sweeping the nation. To celebrate their success in getting so many people in shape, they’ve given us a couple sweet, healthy breakfast recipes to help everyone stay that way! For the first, we have one of everyone’s favorite childhood desserts — banana pudding. The layers of pudding, vanilla wafers, and bananas meld together in a melt-in your mouth magic moment. It’s delicious of course – but not something we dream about eating for breakfast. But this Banana Chia Pudding is one that you can!   chia You may have heard of chia seeds. Chia pets anyone? Yep, same thing. Only now it’s a hip, new superfood. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. We love it because when you place the seeds in liquid, it absorbs that liquid and creates a creamy, gelatinous mixture, which happens to be a great substitute for the usual boxed pudding.



(serves 2)

1 banana

1 cup of milk

¼ cup of chia seeds

1 tbsp honey

1 cup of Oatmeal Square or shredded wheat cereal

Pour the chia seeds into a medium-sized bowl. Add the milk (try coconut, almond, or soy) over it, then the honey. Stir to mix together. Let it sit in the fridge for 2-3 hours until it has thickened. Once ready, give it a stir to make the consistency uniform.

Slice the banana. Line two small bowls or cups each with one fourth of the slices. Use half the cereal over it to cover the banana slices. Next, spoon one fourth of the pudding into each bowl. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Allow to sit for 1-2 hours if you’d like to soften the cereal. Otherwise, dig in!

Recipe Credit: May-Mei Lee

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