Dessert Tasting Menu at Storefront Company {Chicago}

Over the winter holidays, Storefront Company closed for a week and knocked out a wall of their kitchen so guests sitting at the kitchen counter can get a completely unobstructed view into the kitchen. This unique interactivity in the dining experience is available for guests who dine at the Kitchen Counter.

The Kitchen Counter menu has expanded to include court types of tasting menus. A 6-course dinner ($49), 4-course dinner ($35), 3-course cheese tasting ($21), or (my favorite!) a 3-course dessert tasting ($23). Each tasting menu has the option of wine pairings. Owner Claudia Gassel explained that the cheese and dessert tastings are perfect for a group that’s maybe just seen a show and had dinner already,  but wants a little nightcap.

With dishes like sponge candy with black currant and hazelnut and bourbon chai toast on the dessert tasting menu, I anticipate I’ll be back soon enough to try it. What’s best is that Chef Bryan Moscatello is constantly coming up with new dishes, so the Kitchen Counter menus will be changing weekly. Don’t be surprised if he brings out an off-menu bite to try.

I went all out with the 6-course dinner with wine pairings. Our two dessert courses were both excellent.

Blood orange, souffle cheesecake, meringue, jelly, basil cream

Blood orange, souffle cheesecake, meringue, jelly, basil cream

First, we had a blood orange dessert with cheesecake, meringue, blood orange jelly and basil cream. This was incredibly light and refreshing after a few heavier meat courses. I was struck by how light the cheesecake was, like a mochi texture, not at all like heavy New York-style cheesecake. Our waitress explained that it’s a souffle cheesecake, and that she’s not a fan of sweets, so she made sure this dessert wasn’t cloying. I don’t understand how somebody could possibly dislike sweets, but nevertheless, the dessert was a great segue into a sweeter red velvet.

Red velvet, meyer lemon, chevre parfait, rooibos

Red velvet, meyer lemon, chevre parfait, rooibos

The red velvet cake with meyer lemon and chevre parfait was decorated with a bit of rooibos gel and tuille to match the red theme. This was a really interesting and tasty riff on a traditional flavor.

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