‘Dessert’ Your Guilt with Tasti D-Lite

100’s under a 100, what does this mean? This means the sweet answer to the calorie conscious sugar-holic in us all. Tasti D-Lite features soft served frozen desserts laid out in a customer friendly menu dividing each of their sweet treats into calorie categories. Ranging from 70 to 100 calories this whipped and airy frozen dessert had my taste buds begging for more.


Owner, Kellie Threadgill treated me to one of her favorites which is Strawberry Shortcake. We added a bit of graham cracker crumbs to the top which gave just a hint of texture to this smooth concoction. The moment I indulged in their frozen specialty my mouth burst with strawberry flavor yet was comforted with creamy D-lite.

Not only have they taken the meaning of “diet dessert” to a whole new level, the Chandler location has donated over $8000 back in community fundraisers, they have a dietary restriction guideline set up on ipad in-house, and have an awesome staff of tasteologists just waiting to make you heart happy. With a motto like “Dessert Your Guilt” how could you not love this place?

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..


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