Dessertcation at the Omni {Dallas}

What started out as a travel writer’s conference where I hadn’t really planned to work, quickly turned into dessert-a-palooza at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX, and an amazing Dessertcation.  The Omni had no idea that I would be there hunting down the best sweets in their hotel, and I’m sure they have tons more offerings, but what I experienced, aside from the new stretchy pants I purchased in the gift shop, was phenomenal   (I am not lying when I tell you that I did not expect this, hence the camera photos, and random mouse-ear’d photo bombs)

It’s like they set up this entire conference for me and my trusty sweet tooth.  At conference check in I was greeted by bowls of Jelly Bellys, cups of cherry sours, and miles of M&M’s.  Pure unadulterated candy bliss.  The hotel offers everything except bland conference food.   Hello, white chocolate fountain with mounds of dippers.

Every meal is an exciting surprise of “what will I be stuffing myself with next” deliciousness.  Conference food was insanity.  Tables of sweets during breaks, Valhrona Chocolate Hot Chocolate with Chantilly Whipped Cream, rows of fresh chocolatey chewy brownies, mini key lime pies, and little salty nibbles to balance the sweet action. 

Forget 36-24-36, my cupcake’s proportions were 50-50.  I love it when they push buttercream limits because truly the cake is just a transportation device for the frosting.  Am I right?? Ack!  I need another…and another.  Banana Pudding that got tons of oohs and ahhs from the masses, and chocolate cake that had heads spinning. 


Giving me a warm personalized welcome from my flatscreen in the room, sat these adorable chocolate cake pops, Texas style pralines, a bottle of Root Beer, and a champagne glass overflowing with Pecans.  I instantly called out “CALGON, TAKE ME AWAAAAY”, the oversized tub filled by itself and I found myself soaking while indulging.  Ok, it didn’t quite happen like that, but I wish it would have.

Each meal at the conference had sky high desserts that would easily leave Betty Crocker a tad bit green with envy.  Being quite hospitable, which you can expect from a classy joint like Omni, they whisked me away to speak with Executive Chef of all of the hotel’s food sources, including 2 restaurants (Texas Spice & The Owner’s Box), Morsel’s the coffee shop, Conference Catering, and in room service.  Chef Weaver, an ex-Marine, is amazing at his culinary craft.  Specializing in his own flair for “Grandma style” cuisine, prepare to be comforted by desserts like warm and gooey Chocolate Chunk Cookies served with ice cold milk, Pralines, and my favorite the thick Caramel Pudding topped with crunchy, toasted pecans.  I’m not typically drawn to a pudding, but this one knocked my cowboy boots off.  

When the hotel is booked and they are anticipating a large amount of hungry guests they set up a down-home buffet at the Texas Spice restaurant.  Ya, ya, they have delicious and meaty savories, but the table of sweets?  Put your stretchy pants on and take as many trips back as you want to.  A spread fit for a Southern Queen, piles of Chocolate Chunk Cookies nestled neatly under a heat lamp giving them that fresh from the oven warmth, a bucket of ice cold milk, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, Fudge Cake,   Trifle, the list goes on… how about you just start your dining experience at the dessert table and then see if you’re hungry enough for dinner.

And the sweets don’t end there, a slice of Buttermilk Pie with berries and fresh whipped cream was waiting for me in my room that night.  They really “get” me here.  Ever had a slice of the Southern staple?


Shall we talk spa?  Though the spa’s pedi chairs face some of the city’s best eye candy, an incredible view of the downtown skyline,  they offer cupcake and cake pop Feeling Smitten bath and body products (a favorite of Oprah, and if it’s good enough for the big O, then….). I know they’re not edible, but with them being shaped so deliciously it’s tough not to include, or lick, them.  (I just did it once)

I truly could go on and on, but I won’t.  For 1) the drool has ruined my cute blouse, and B) because you NEED to book your next Staycation/Conference/Vacation/Dessertcation at the Omni Dallas Convention Center.  Tell them you’d like the Sugar Loco package.  (it’s not a real package, but I vote it should be)

And the most perfect way to end my trip?  The weekend I stayed with the Omni Hotel was their 1st Birthday, their born on date was 11/11/11.  So what else did they celebrate with?  This amazing cake sitting in the lobby just waiting for all to indulge in.  It was like a sugary hug goodbye from the amazing hotel and weekend.  Will you write?  Send a postcard?

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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