Dessertcation at the Ritz-Carlton {Denver}

From the moment the valet says “Hello”, my crush starts in full-swing over the Ritz-Carlton Downtown Denver property.  Known for it’s luxury and class, this hotel does not disappoint, even in the valet area.  Thomas was sure to take care of us for our overnight, and we appreciated him bending over backward for us.

ding dong

Walking into our suite our luggage dropped along with our jaws, in complete awe of the view of downtown – starting to get dark, turning from the hustle and bustle of people scampering around to their day jobs, to a city which quiets and gets romantic with every new building light turning on.  Such a sight to see.  Our feelings went from ahhh, to OOOH when a surprise knocked at the door.  A sweet delivery!

cream puffs

Elway’s Ding Dong (my favorite from 2012), candy-colored macaroons, and a selection of delicious Cream Puffs.  What a way to start off what was bound to be a fantastic “Dessertcation”. All desserts from the hotel’s restaurant, and our famed and former long-time Denver Bronco Quarterback’s restaurant, Elway’s will deliver around the clock – trust me, we tried it out just to make sure.   macaroons

Along with our plate of treats, a bag perched on the entry table.  A bag of goodies for a romantic bath in the room’s huge soaker tub, and an amazing cookbook inspired by the breathtaking desserts from the Ritz-Carlton properties everywhere “Classic Desserts Redefined“.  A page-turner filled with Ritz-Carlton staples from their menus – Ice Cream Sundae, Double Fudge Chocolate Cake, or head straight for the libations with the Grand Mimosa or a St Germaine and Champagne cocktail.  Salivating yet?  All recipes to take with you to extend your Ritz experience well after you leave and unpack your bags at home.  I’m trying to decide on which to make first, perhaps the St Germaine and Champagne? Yes, that is it.  I need it, like, now.Ritz-Carlton Dessert Cookbook

After enjoying our treats, opening our presents, and taking in the view, we headed down to Elway’s for a drink.  We SAT AT THE BAR.  Those of you without kids are thinking, so, what’s the big deal with that?  I have kids.  3 of them.  The bar is not a place were we are able to frequent.  My husband and I freaked out for a moment at the sight of the rocks sitting on the bar, picturing our 3 year old chucking them at $300 bottles of whiskey.  Not a pretty sight.  Letting our glass of wine soak in, we were able to relax from that vision and put the vibe out.  Oh and act like two civilized adults, which if you know my husband and I, that’s about 1 or 2 steps above 7th graders.  (can you see the rocks?  can you imagine the damage your toddler could do??)wine at Elway's

You can expect nothing but the best at this urban-sophisticated hotel.  Close enough to walk to just about anything, and if you’re within a 5 block radius, they have a car waiting for you, Gary helped us out with his friendliness and knowledge of the city, especially if you’re from out of town.

Can we talk spa?  If you turn green with envy easily, cover your eyes.   I spent my early morning (ok, it was 10, whatevs) I had an out-of-body relaxing experience at the Spa. I sipped lemon water in a quiet room (where I’m sure is the only room in the world you will never find your toddlers hand reaching under a door looking for you), reading a few local magazines, and just taking in the pure quiet.  I was then treated to a Waterfall treatment.  Picture this – it’s like laying on a warm bed of lavender (or scent of your choice) in an open field. You’re being exfoliated from head to toe, just in time for a massive, thunder and lighting free, warm summer rain storm which rinses you clean.  All you’re able to do is lay there and enjoy it, and enjoy it I did.  A treatment I would go back for monthly, my skin has never felt so silky smooth.  I refused to shower the rest of the day in fear that I would wash away all of that serenity.  spa at the Ritz

My hills were alive with the sound of exfoliation and rain, and it was amazing.  As if all of that wasn’t enough, as my journey through the spa came to a close I was greeted with champagne, fresh strawberries, and a brownie pop – do they know me or what?  If only my camera had Smellstagram, you could smell the sweetness from the strawberries a mile away.  I tried to drag myself out of that haven, pulling on my clothes, and saying goodbye to the amazing staff was hard.  Trying not to start a womantrum, I smiled through my tears, but don’t fret, they were tears of joy, complete bliss, and one more tear for my return again real soon.

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