Desserts: A Simple Guide to a Tasty Treat

Desserts complete a meal just like an accessory adds value to an outfit. Finding the perfect dessert to finish off an impressive meal is a challenge all on its own. If you want to impress people, you want to give them a unique dining experience. All your dishes, including the desserts that you serve, should be perfect.

A dessert is defined as a sweet treat that’s eaten after a meal. It comes in different shapes, colors, and sweetness. The perfect dessert should appeal to people’s different palates and should also be visually stimulating. It is no wonder that dessert makers ensure that each dessert they make looks appealing and appetizing at the same time. With thousands of desserts out there in the market today, how do you differentiate one from the other? And which ones are best for which types of occasion?

Desserts for All Occasions

Not all desserts are created equal. Some are made to be served only for extremely sweet toothed children’s party and others are only for special occasions like an easter dessert or a Christmas dessert. Whatever the occasion is, the dessert should somehow fit the preference of the intended guests and the occasion as well. Here are some well-loved desserts that fit different occasions or events.

  1. The Christmas Desserts – sugar cookies made in the shape of stars, angels, Christmas trees and the like are very popular during the Christmas season. Glazed sugar cookies are a favorite among children while adults prefer the plain and less sweet variety. Making sugar cookies is easy and you could do it with your children. Other popular Christmas desserts include eggnogs, fruitcakes, and peppermint candy canes and sweets.
  2. Children’s Party Desserts – children’s parties will not be complete without any sort of sweet treat. So whether it’s a birthday celebration, a graduation or moving up party for your little one, you should always serve up a sweet dessert. The most common children’s party desserts are candies, cakes, and ice cream.
  3. Office Event Desserts – depending on the theme of the office event, the dessert is usually somehow tied up with the occasion. If the theme of the event is to celebrate a company anniversary, the desserts are usually topped with the company logo or anything that will promote the company’s anniversary. If it is a formal party, the dessert would be laden with bite sized versions of cakes and truffles.
  4. Wedding, Debut, and Coming Out Party Desserts – These formal occasions call for more sophisticated desserts like miniature bite sized cakes or strawberries dipped in chocolate ganache. For a healthier choice of dessert, you can opt to serve fruits and other vegan dessert
  5. Special Occasion Desserts – Special occasions like the 4th of July call for apple pie and anything that’s red, white and blue colored dessert. For Valentine’s Day, expect chocolate covered fruits and specialty chocolates for dessert. Easter bunnies and Easter eggs made of chocolates are always a hit with the children when Easter egg hunt season rolls in. Finally, when summer comes around, anything cold that can beat the heat is considered a great dessert.

Specialty Desserts

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same holds true if you are looking to impress that corporate client, your husband’s business associates, your fiancé’s parents, and other important people in your life. The best way to get into their good graces is to invite them to share a great meal and top it off with a sweet and mouthwatering dessert.

If you are looking for a great dessert to cap off a great dinner or to compliment a scrumptious lunch, you’re in luck because there are so many desserts out in the market today. You can choose from a variety of desserts offered by various dessert shops and if a particular dessert is not available at the moment, bakeries, pastry shops and other dessert shops now offers custom made desserts to cater to any type of dessert you can come up with.

One type of dessert that’s been getting a lot of great reviews from dessert lovers everywhere is called a Baklava. A Baklava is a sweet pastry made by putting thin layers of filo, which is a paper thin baked unleavened bread, on top of each other and topping it off with nuts of your choice. Baklavas are usually topped with almonds, walnuts and pistachios but you can put in any kind of nut you like. These thin breads are held together with sweet syrup or with honey.

Chocolate Walnut Baklava

Chocolate Walnut Baklava

The origin of the Baklava is not that clear because there are very few documents that could help trace back where it came from or how it was discovered. What is known about the Baklava is that it could have possibly come from areas around Turkey and other Eastern European countries. This is because most of these Eastern European countries their own version and variation of this tasty dessert.

To really enjoy the different types of Baklava you should avail of a Baklava party tray or a set of assorted Baklava all in one box. Some dessert places offer this type of variety box so that you get to sample different types of bite sized Baklavas and experience what each one tastes like. You can serve this type of dessert in corporate events, parties and social gatherings. Its sweetness is not too overpowering and it’s a sure hit with adults and children alike.

Party Tray

Party Tray

Desserts as Presents

Having a great dessert at the end of a great meal is already a treat itself. Some people find desserts to be so good that they also enjoy them by sharing them and giving them away as gifts. Desserts can be given away as Christmas gifts to your neighbor or corporate gifts for your staff or clients. If you prefer to give desserts for gifts you must remember these:


  1. Keep it simple – Don’t go over the top by giving a 3 tier fondant cake unless that is something that the recipient would like. A freshly baked pie for your neighbor or friends at the PTA will do. If you are going to give a dessert gift to a client, colleague or your staff, a box of chocolate truffles, specialty chocolates or specialty candies will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Put them in non-spill containers – don’t make it hard for the recipient to bring these desserts home. A lot of dessert makers also ensure that their packaging is just as beautiful and functional so take advantage of these types of desserts.
  3. Give them away immediately – Desserts have a short shelf life so if you are planning to give some away do it as soon as possible. Try to give them away as soon as they come out of your oven to ensure that the recipient gets a fresh dessert made with love. Put a best before or consume by stamp or a note on the box or container of the dessert to let the recipient know when they should consume the dessert.
  4. Take note of shipping guidelines – If your recipient lives far away and you plan on shipping your dessert to them check the shipping guidelines for sending desserts via door to door delivery service. Some desserts cannot be shipped while others need a special container and packaging type before you can ship them. Select a short delivery time like overnight delivery to ensure that the dessert doesn’t spoil and gets to the recipient on as soon as possible.
  5. Add a personal touch – Adding personal touches to a dessert gift will make it more special. If you are planning on giving away a bunch of cupcakes you can personalize it by adding the person’s name as frosting. If a box of éclairs or mini fruit tarts are more your thing you can have the recipient’s names printed or engraved on the box. This makes them feel that you chose the gift especially for them.
  6. Give them desserts in a jar – a lot of desserts in a jar are popping up on DIY sites and other dessert related websites. There are even tutorials on the internet on how you can make these kinds of desserts as a gift.
  7. Think of the recipient – although people generally never say no to gifts, some people prefer gifts that are not complicated and easy to bring home. Desserts can be tricky to take home especially if you are going to take the bus or a train on rush hour.

Think of how the recipient will bring home a dessert that requires careful handling like cheesecake. If you feel they will have a tough time, send it over to their home directly instead of bringing it to the office.

  1. Add heating or preparation instructions – the recipient, especially one with no baking skills whatsoever, will appreciate instructions on how to re-heat that delicious apple pie that you gave them. Add instructions on how to re-heat it using the oven or a microwave so he can still enjoy your desserts warm.


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