12 Days of Chocolate: Nut Free and Dairy Free and oh so delectable @Divvies

12 days of chocolate with Sugar Loco

This nut and dairy free treat is pure and delectable

As a sweet treat connoisseur, my palate has been jaded with so many candies and confections, that it’s a rarity I am dazzled by chocolate. Hey, let’s face it— I eat it all the time! It’s easy to access and fun to eat just about anywhere. But something caught my eye about Divvies. There was magic just within the packaging— gentle blue and angelic white stripes hugged the chocolate bar, and it was so pretty, I figured something that pleasing to the eye would also please the taste buds. I’m not always right, but this time I was.


The first bar I indulged in was the Divvine Chocolate Bar, which is indeed a timeless flavor, but Divvies has made extra special. The chocolate flavor is not too dark and not too light. My bite broke from the bar with ease and softened in my mouth until it vanished. Pure elegance. The right amount of chocolate in a treat is a delicate balance. What I loved most was the utter freshness without being bombarded with sugar! At that point, I was sold and had to try the Benjamin Crunch Bar. The hint of peppermint was a pleasant surprise, and that mixed with cocoa make for a tempting creation! Rewind to the gorgeous wrapper I was describing, and printed right on front is that these bars are nut free, dairy free and egg free. I just can’t believe something this yummy left out all those ingredients, and I know people with allergies feel they can’t snack like the rest. But Divvies has delivered.


 Owner Lori Sandler launched Divvies in 2005, inspired by her son’s severe dairy and nut allergy. Sandler created these nut, dairy, and egg-free products with the idea that eating should be a celebration for all and that everyone should be included. The bakery includes candy, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes and of course, chocolate. Pop into various Whole Foods and Sprouts grocery stores to get your hands on some, or shop online anytime at divvies.com. Don’t forget to check out Facebook.com/divvies for fun recipes and information, and check them out on Twitter under @Divvies. These munchies are “simply delicious” and you just have to try!

-Anne Marie, Contributing Writer

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PS – we did snarf these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion.

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