Do You Make the Best Beignet?

Ever pretend that you are Giada cooking up in the kitchen with your very own cooking show? Me? NEVER!  Ok, yes sometimes.  In my head I, secretly, get the dialogue going of what I would say when I am recruited by Food Network to do my very own show showcasing my culinary (lack of ) talent.  (moi? Me, Really?  OK, if you insist).  With Mardi Gras right around the corner, it’s your chance to cook up and record your very own Beignet making video.  You could win $5000!!  That’s a lotta Beignets!  Or even a trip to the real Beignet capital of the world New Orleans to eat the fresh goodies from the famous Cafe du Monde – side of Cafe au lait please…

I did it!  Which I will show you coming soon were ready for Mardi Gras and we post the recipe.  For now, check out the recipe and some tips from  Oh and you only have until the 18th to submit your video, so get to cookin!  MMMMM, they’re really delicious!

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