This One’s For the Girls…ALL the Girls at Arrowhead Grill {Phoenix}

As I sat in the romantic atmosphere of  Arrowhead Grill‘s dining room looking out onto the patio that would be heated by fireplace, I anxiously awaited a dessert that could only be described as giant and delicious. Suddenly I saw the mouth-watering masterpiece I would soon be enjoying. Table side, my waiter heated a large knife and I began to salivate as it sizzled, cutting through the butter cake and vanilla bean ice cream.

Said to serve 6 – 10 this Giant Cupcake is made of  rich butter cake, creamy vanilla bean ice cream and bright pink strawberry frosting. I instantly thought how fun it would be for a bachelorette party to celebrate with drinks and dessert over this fun and memorable dish. Along with their Giant Cupcake, Arrowhead Grill also spoiled me with an array of other delicious sweets which included a new favorite to my list – their Chocolate Bread Pudding. Delicious comfort paired with a cup of steamy coffee.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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