Drum Roll Please…

A few weeks ago, we asked you to vote for which city should be the next Sugar Loco city.  You spoke, or clicked actually, and Chicago was the winner!  Congratulations to the Windy City {tourist fact: Chicago got the nickname Wind City after it’s big talking politicians, not because of the wind.}

We have alread been brushing up on local Chicago bakeries and restaurants to get a better feel for how *sweet* the city is.  We need your help though…if you have a dessert place that we should add to our Chicago list, please leave a comment or e-mail us {[email protected]}.

We are also hiring…we pay in sweets!  If you are in the Chicago area and think you have what it takes to write for Sugar Loco, contact us!  Here are the requirements:

  1. Must have strong intrapersonal dessert skills, aka: can talk, write, and sample dessert all at the same time.
  2. Must be able to write…but not better than Tracy or Jenny, obviously.  
  3.  Must be willing to try anything in the name of SUGAR!

Once again, just contact us at [email protected]!  We are looking forward to diving deeper into a brand new city to bring you the best in desserts, as always.   Also, don’t worry if your city didn’t win…we will hold another survey in the future and you can bribe your friends to enter 😉

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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