Drunk with LOVE Over Liquor Cake

Ya, you read that right…Liquor + Cake = Liquor Cake by Immaculate Confections.  I absolutely fell in love with the sense of humor of this company (go see for yourself) – making fun of everyone in it’s path – Kanye West (aka Immaculate Cupcakes) – I’m talking to you, boy.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the “Office Floozy” ahhh, the Rum Cake.  I have to be honest, yes, I’ve been an office floozy before yet never tasted one…oops, have I said too much?  (I’m partially kidding here I have a home office).  Enough about me…let’s get down to the drunken details about this baby – a Butter Rum cake with Vanilla Tinted Glaze – come hither.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before – moist, hint of vanilla, doused in RUM, phenomenal.  Even though it was shipped to me, quality was not compromised.  It was just as moist and delicious as if I had baked it by my drunken self.

I shared my Butter Rum Cake with my family after a lovely dinner at my parent’s house.  When I (so graciously) offered to leave the leftovers – my Stepdad’s hand magically appeared with his own golden tupperwear container to keep it safe from harm..What?? Does he carry those in his pocket???  No one argued with me and all I was left with was memories of that liquor cake – oh and a little boozie breath too.

It’s not just about the Rum Cake at Immaculate Confections – the eccentric options are endless – Cheesecakes (The Lady Gaga), Tarts (the Pie’s Gay Cousin), Brownies, Bars and Macaroons (The Theater Actors).  And oh how I just might give up my drinking hand for a Chocolate Chip Pretzel Bar – pretty much the perfect sweet and salty combo ever.

Go check this little company out – I have a feeling it’s going to be BIG (and get you buzzed).

PS – I was wondering the same thing you are right now “Can I get drunk off of this cake?” The answer is – “Darn IT, NO!”  But you can enjoy all the flavor of getting sloshed and still drive home because the full 8 oz of hooch in each cake bakes out in the cooking process.

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{Are you having an Oscars Party this Sunday? This would be the perfect posh dessert!}

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