Sweet Bufala Ricotta at Due Forni {Las Vegas}

When most people think about food in Las Vegas, they think of The Strip. I know, I did too. While the Strip is full of amazing restaurants, there is a world off the strip, and it can be just as amazing.

Sweet Bufala Ricotta at Due Forni - Las Vegas

Due Forni is one example of this. Settled on the west side of town in the Summerlin area, Due Forni is a pizza and wine restaurant you’ll want to visit. As they say, they are not your “typical” pizza place. Due Forni means “two ovens” and that’s exactly what they have, right in view from the dining room. The two ovens provide two different pizza crusts: Neapolitan or Roman. And if wine is your thing, they’ve got you covered  on that too.

While Due Forni’s pizza and wine are plenty to keep me happy, there is something more I wanted on this visit: dessert.

Sweet Bufala Ricotta at Due Forni - Las Vegas

Due Forni’s signature dessert is their Sweet Bufala Ricotta, which features imported bufala ricotta, honey and toasted pistachios. And, I’ve been craving ever since I had it on this visit.

It was seriously one of the most delicious desserts I have ever tasted in my life. The ricotta is smooth and lightly sweet, the pistachios were the perfect crunch along the soft ricotta, and the honey added a delightful boost of sweetness. Simple greatness.

You would think all this would was good enough, right? Well, it was, but then I was told something that would give me the green light to have this every time I visit Due Forni. It’s only 300 calories. Yep. 300 calories.

I know. Everything in the world just got instantly better, didn’t it?

Chocolate Pizza at Due Forni - Las Vegas

I had planned to share just the Sweet Bufala Ricotta with you, because…well, because it’s just that good. But the Chocolate Pizza deserves a shout out too.

The manager of Due Forni told me their Chocolate Pizza is a favorite dessert for family and kids and I can see why! It features their Neapolitan crust, Nutella, strawberries, Valhrona chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, and vanilla gelato. It’s messy, so make sure you order extra napkins on the side, but it’s a great choice if you want a dessert that can be easily shared.

When you are in Vegas, perhaps taking a day trip out to Red Rock, plan to make a stop at Due Forni. Your belly will be glad you did.

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