Bake like Duff at Home

I had the true pleasure of meeting Chef Duff Goldman last summer at his newest concept Duff’s Cake Mix, where your dreams of becoming a cake star become a reality.

Sugar Loco with Duff Goldman Duff's Cake Mix

I had a completely awesome afternoon with a man that not only creates amazing masterpieces but has a true passion for inviting people into “his world”. Not only can you have all the tools necessary to decorate a beautiful cake there at his location, but YOU CAN DO IT AT HOME TOO!!! and several well known retailers are now carrying all the tools the pro’s use, plus a handful of pretty rad products too, making each one of your “at-home” creations look like the pro’s did it.

My daughter and I thought we’d tackle the ZEBRA CAKE. (Sounds amazing already right?) Starting off with our Zebra Cake Mix we geared up for our baking extravaganza.

Duff Goldman Zebra Cake Mix

Duff has a wide variety of great tools to make your baking experience the best possible. We baked the Zebra Cake in his 9-inch round pan (which didn’t stick at all!!) And then decked our baked cake out with some Cake Tattoo‘s and Edible Glitter. (You’re grabbing your keys and purse already to head to the store, aren’t you? — Just wait – I’ll tell you where you can find them)

Duff Goldman Cake Tattoo's


The cake came out so delicious (seriously – the flavor of this “box cake” was amazing!) And it really did look like a ZEBRA!

Duff Goldman Zebra Cake

You’d better stay tuned, because next I’ll be trying out his Brownie Mix and Brownie Cake pan too! OOOOO, I can’t wait!


The items that I mentioned can be found at but you can also sneak into one of your local retailers too if you just can’t handle waiting for shipping. (I’m totally running to the store after this.)

Zebra Cake Mix (Michaels, Walmart, Select Targets, Select Safeway’s), Cream Cheese Frosting (Walmart), Cake Tattoo’s (Michaels ), Edible Glitter (Michaels), Baking Pans (Michaels)

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