Easy Home Made Candy Apples

Home Made Candy Apples

An American Favorite Enjoyed Year Round

Candy Apples are a staple American favorite, but you don’t have to wait until your local fair or fundraiser to enjoy them! With a quick and simple recipe for Homemade Candy Apples, you and your family can enjoy them year round.

Picking Grannies Best

The first step is picking the right apples! For the perfect homemade candy apples, you don’t want to pick just any variety of apples supplied at your local grocery store. You want the best- Granny’s best! Granny Smith apples provide the right amount of tart to accompany your caramel dressing. It is also firm and holds the longest after icing.

Making Your Homemade Caramel

Making Caramel requires an attentive eye and patience, but can be easily done on your oven stove top with store bought caramel squares. You’ll also need heavy cream and butter, as you melt your caramel squares and craft a mouthwatering Caramel dressing. Here’s how!

  • Taking ¾ cup of Heavy Cream, settle your sauce pan over a low heat.
  • Place 40 caramel candies with in the warmed heavy cream, over the low heat.
  • Begin to stir in candies until melted completely and smooth enough for dipping your Granny Apples.

It is very important that you utilize the Caramel Icing while it is still workable and not too stiff. This will make for difficult dunking and extraction of your apple from within the thick caramel dressing. If you must store it before use, be sure to warm it slowly over steam, this way you can ensure not to burn your caramel as a microwave or stove top reheating would.

Making Your Candy Apples

With the perfect apples on hand and a great caramel dressing recipe, making your homemade candy apples will be done in a jiffy! Here are a few additional things you’ll need:

  • Cookie tray line with a wax sheet
  • Clear Plastic Wrap and tie twist
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Your Granny Smith Apples
  • Your simply mouthwatering caramel dressing

Constructing Mouthwatering Candied Apples

Start by pairing your Popsicle sticks with your granny smith apples, placing the sick within the bottom portion of the apple. Be sure they are firmly placed inside and your apples are not easily removed from the Popsicle sticks. Once all sticks have been placed inside your apples, take them and gently dip the apples into the sweet caramel. Setting the coated apples on your lined cookie tray, place the tray within the fridge for no more than thirty minutes.

For a nice thick coating, take your cooled candy apples and dip them once more in the remainder of your caramel candy icing. Once more set them aside in the fridge to allow the caramel to cool. When you have coated your apples to your liking, begin wrapping them with a simple plastic wrap and tie twist. Ta-da! Mouthwatering candied apples made easily year round for family, friends, school events, and more!

For a prettier container wrap, try your local party store, grocer, or bakery supplier who stocks a variety of decorative plastic wraps for treats such as your mouthwatering candied apples. They are sure to have a host of inexpensive and seasonal wrappings to help your candied apples be as beautiful as they are tasty!

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