Eat Well and Do Good with Cookies For Hope by Cookie Temptations!!!

We got an email from this amazing company, Cookie Temptations, and we NEEDED to pass it on to our readers.
 The purpose of Cookies for Hope is to provide a vehicle to help raise money for a family affected by a life threatening disease and to provide them a break from having to think about the financial stress that comes with these diagnoses. These families have enough important stuff to worry about, so we can all help shoulder a little bit of the burden for a family in need. Here’s a snippet from their release –
Cindy Peterson and her family have been chosen for this month’s Cookies for Hope Cookie Fundraiser.  100% of the net profits will go directly to Cindy and her kids. Cookie Temptations will be selling our fundraising sugar cookies decorated in our delicious White and Double Chocolate from now until August 31, 2014 on their behalf.
Show your support by purchasing Cookies for Hope. One Dozen (12) is $36.00 or $18.00 for ½ dozen (6) cookies. Baked fresh to order – pre-ordering is required. Thank you in advance for your order and keep your prayers coming.
Again, 100% of the net profits will be given to Cindy and her family.

Cindy’s Story

Cindy Peterson, also known as “Lucy” to many of her friends, has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. She will be undergoing a series of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, which has necessitated her taking a leave of absence from work.

Cindy has lived and worked in the Duluth area for her entire life. She has one son, numerous nieces and nephews, and other family and friends that love her dearly. Cindy has many medical and day to day living expenses that are piling up due to the fact that she is unable to work right now. She needs our help.

Cookies for Hope believes that every cookie that is ordered comes with a prayer for Cindy’s family.  We hope you will consider placing an order.  A direct donation to the family can also be made, just give us a call at 218-724-2000.  Thank you for your order and please keep them in your prayers.
So head over to their ordering page and buy yourself some delicious cookies! The cookie-eating guilt will be no match for the incredible feeling you’ll get from helping Cindy and her family. Also, if you see this too late, don’t worry! Cookies for Hope features a new deserving family every month, so you can still help someone out no matter when you read this!

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