Eat Well and Do Good with @Sugarwishgirl and #Batkid !!!

We saw this email from Sugarwish in our mailbox, and it just tugged at our sugary little heartstrings. If hearing “Batkid” doesn’t immediately bring a tear to your eye, watch this video from Make-A-Wish‘s Youtube account, wipe your eyes, then read below

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Help bring a true hero to the big screen.

Batkid Begins is a documentary film that chronicles the day Batkid (5 year old, Miles Scott) saved San Francisco (disguised as Gotham 🙂). It is a heart warming true story that’s all about a child who dared to wish big–and a city of people who decided to deliver—BIGGER!
Send a Sugarwish this week and help bring it to the big screen. Use the Code: BATKID
 in the promo/charity code box and we will donate $5 to help make BatKid Begins a reality.

Our small way to help those who believe in making WISHES come true.



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