Eden Vermont Ice Cider and Caramel – The perfect evening treat!

Recently I received a bottle of Eden Vermont Ice Cider and was absolutely tickled by the adorably sweet slender bottle and classy style of the product that I just couldn’t wait to enjoy it.   The moment I popped the cork I knew I was in for a treat as you could easily smell the delicious flavors of apples as if you had just sliced open a crisp fresh one yourself.  As I enjoyed the sweet tastes of Vermont apples combined with hints of honey, pear and citrus, I knew that Eden had taken the enjoyment of a dessert wine and combined it with the comfort of true natural flavors. I had remembered that I had a jar of homemade caramel sauce in the refrigerator so you can bet your sweet booty I immediately thought “Caramel Apple”. Heating up a little ramekin ::ah-hem… cup:: of caramel, I snuggled my way into the couch, sipped on my cider and enjoyed spoonfuls of this homemade sweet treat – I was truly in heaven, pretending as I sat here in Arizona that I was snuggled by a fire in a Vermont winter staying warm with my cider on a cold snowy night. Pure enjoyment. Eden Ice Cider Company also has an Orleans Aperitif Cider made of traditional and heirloom varieties of apples, infused with whole fresh herbs.

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