Eight O’ Clock {coffee} in the morning {recipe}

Eight O’Clock. Where are my keys? Kids in the car. Grab my shoes. Do the kids have shoes? Where’s my other shoe? This will do. Need my coffee. Where’s my coffee?….Eight O’Clock!

This exactly describes how many of my mornings go during the week. I’m scrambling to get the kids dressed and off to do errands, while managing to locate the right shoes so I can at least look the least bit presentable, but I’ll tell ya what….and this is definitely the coffee-a-holic in me speaking, you’ll never find me scrambling for my coffee! Especially since tasting Eight O’Clock Coffee.

When I first brewed Eight O’Clock’s original blend I fell in love instantly. It was so easy to drink, yet continued to have a distinct taste. I was pleased to find that they treated me with a special recipe and I am so excited to share it with you as well.

Eight O’Clock‘s recipe calls for a caramel sauce and I had some of Chaparral’s homemade caramel sauce left from a previous review so the two were like a match just waiting to be blended in my mug. Rich and warm, completely satisfying.

I am also a big fan of iced coffee’s, so later in the afternoon I filled a cup with ice. Poured about a cup of cooled coffee over top, mixed in about 1 Tablespoon of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup & 2 Tablespoons Milk. Sipped with a straw and enjoyed my afternoon pick-me-up.

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