Ellse Pasticceria Exceptional Cookies in the Prettiest Packages

A perfect cookie is crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside, ample, sweet, and made with love. Ideally it is also packed with care alongside at least a dozen other cookies and packaged beautifully and SENT TO ME FOR EVERY HOLIDAY, BIRTHDAY, AND ANNIVERSARY ALWAYS and FOREVER and ever and ever.

Enter Ellse Pasticceria. I cannot say enough about how highly I regard and recommend this shop that specialize in exceptional cookies!


Look what arrived on my doorstep. Each dozen cookies is packaged in a giant, gorgeous branded box. Understand what I am saying. This is like the Tiffany’s of dessert. If ever you see a square gift box with a black base, green lid, and Ellse Pasticceria’s pretty logo then brace yourself for some heavenly sweets. What a treat! A recipient of a dozen cookies would feel like they received such a scrumptious, thoughtful, and substantial gift. Definitely now on my go-to list for gift shopping!


I was lucky enough to sample a variety of Ellse Pasticceria’s delicious flavors which bring together classic cookie favorites with unexpected and amazing sweet and savory combinations that make your mouth sing! Flavors include black pepper cherry (Michigan cherries, bittersweet chips, chocolate, & fresh ground black pepper), black tie affair (cocoa, spice, & white chocolate), and classic chocolate chip as well as seasonal holiday cookies like very cranberry (cinnamon, white pepper, and fresh cranberries in a heavenly combo).


I am known far and wide as a sucker for peppermint and the peppermint cocoa cookies (with French cocoa and crushed peppermint, dipped in white chocolate peppermint bark) were allllmost my favorite, because they are divine! But my absolute favorite cookie was a simple twist on the classic chocolate chip standard, called Fleur de Sel, the cookies are sprinkled with that savory spice and holy whoa! That is all: holy whoa.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…



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