Enjoying Some Whoopie with Whoopie Baking Co {Phoenix}

Do me a favor and say the word whoopie. Go ahead, say it out loud. Did you smile? I bet you did. Ok, maybe not the first time, but you definitely did the second time.

There’s nothing like a bit of whoopie to get you going and owners Karen Linkins & Jennifer Brya are learning that the “whoopie way of life” is the best life to live.

Both having successful careers as health researchers, the two realized that their true calling was to bring joy, happiness and whoopie to all that they encountered and starting Whoopie Baking Co was the answer. Always using all natural ingredients, their whoopies are not too heavy but every bit amazing in flavor and texture.

When I sat down with the two I had a few confessions. One, I had never eaten a whoopie pie and two, that I was not a fan of coconut (which was one of their flavors of choice) . So here you go, the down right truth of the matter, I, Jaclyn Douma am joining the Whoopie Pie Cult as long as these two are the bakers. Better than a cupcake by far, as you get to enjoy their homemade marshmallow fluff mixed into a butter cream frosting in every single bite. No more removing the top of your cupcake and saving it for last.(I’m not the only one that does that right?) Having five flavors to sample including The Classic vanilla bean, Sweet and Salty salted caramel, Pucker Up Lemon, Orange Infusion and yes the Coconut Whoopie Pie. The moment I indulged in the coconut I heard Karen softly say, “It’s like you’re on vacation the moment you bite in.” That is exactly how I felt and right then fell in love with whoopie.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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