EWE at Second Home {Denver}

I was recently invited to a Shepherd to Chef dinner at Second Home entirely dedicated to Mary’s friend, the Little Lamb.  {so wrong of me to say it that way, I know} The other red meat are all humanely born and bred on the Theos’ Swallow Fork Ranch, in Northwest Colorado.  Chef Bolton is a big fan of using up the whole animal in his meals,  you can imagine every single course was centered around a portion of the lamb.  Though you may “EWE” at the thought of lamb in your dessert, hear me out – it was phenomenal.

The 4th course, and most important, Desserts, include small portions of –lamb desserts


(from top to bottom)

Vanilla Gelato with Lamb Caramel – a creamy smooth caramel sauce topped over delicious house made gelato

Lamb Bacon Doughnuts with Lamb Creme Anglaise – doughnuts cooked to perfection, lamb pieces, and caramel sauce made from the fat of the lamb

Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte with Caramelized Lamb Bacon – they’re classic Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte topped with sweetened and salty bacon made from lamb.

The smooth Lamb Caramel from atop of the Vanilla Gelato.  Counting sheep at night to try to fall asleep backfires because all I can think about is turning those guys into caramel.  I licked my bowl, my husband’s bowl, and a random stranger’s bowl clean – even after 3 other courses.

{ps, for fun, create a drinking game from the number of times I mentioned the word “Lamb” in this post….GO}

The special lamb menu will be running from now until end of March 2013 – get your reservation today.


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PS – stop into Second Home made our Best of the Best Desserts list 2012

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