Fall TV Premiere Cocktails pt. 5 – The Deposition!

So here we are, the last Fall TV Premiere Cocktail. Today’s cocktail comes to us from the set of The Good Wife, a CBS drama full of scandal and intrigue, with some legal and political procedure thrown in for good measure. It follows Alicia Florrick, the wife of a disgraced State’s Attorney. She’s forced to restart her law career after putting it on hold for his political ambitions, but she soon and repeatedly finds out just how hard that is.  Imagine if you took House of Cards, mixed it with grown-up Gossip Girl, threw in some of The Practice, and spiced up the mix with a heavy seasoning of poor decisions. Even if you’re not a fan, this show serves as the perfect reminder that no matter how great someone’s life looks on the outside, they can still manage to completely screw it up.


Do you have any shows or movies that you watch interactively? Y’know, like shouting “Look behind you!” during a campy horror movie, or giving a live breakdown of an especially talentless performance on a talent show? You know that no one on screen can hear you, but sometimes it’s just relaxing and fun to let loose, and let the on-air talent know how YOU would have handled the situation. For us, The Good Wife is that show. Instead of yelling “Look behind you!” though, we’re usually yelling “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!” The characters are constantly making decisions that make everything more difficult and leave us wondering if they’re TRYING to bungle their personal and professional lives. But here’s the thing –  it works! We know that when we turn on an episode, we’re in for an hour of Alicia and Peter, or Alicia and Will, or Peter and prostitutes, and we know that we’ll be ready to berate them from behind the fourth wall, explaining how DUMB every one of their decisions is. That might drive some people crazy, but not us – we enjoy it.

However, that craziness could explain the main ingredient in this cocktail. According to lore, the wormwood in Absinthe causes insanity for those who drink it too much. We know that’s a myth now, but the reputation persists. So watch the show with one of these, yell at the screen if you feel so inclined, and pretend that the characters are drinking them as well. It might help explain their behavior!

Here’s the recipe –


The Deposition

1 oz. Lucid® Absinthe Supérieure
2 oz. pineapple juice
2 oz. lemon-lime soda
6-8 mint leaves
lime wedges
In a tall glass, muddle mint leaves and a lime wedge. Add ice, Lucid Absinthe, pineapple juice and top
with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with mint and lime wedge and serve. Enjoy!


The Good Wife Premieres Sunday, September 21 at 9pm EDT on CBS!

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