Fancy, Fresh, and Fun Food Truck Ice Cream – @HipPOPsTruck in Miami!

image001-2With National Ice Cream Month in full swing, I’m sure we’re all thinking back to the days of hearing the classic ice cream truck music and knowing that it was time for a sweet, refreshing treat. Unfortunately, especially depending on where you live, adults chasing the ice cream truck around town may be frowned upon. Luckily, the renowned food truck fixture Anthony Fellows has brought the nostalgic adults of Miami a gourmet frozen treat truck – HipPOPS– for kids and adults alike. One caveat – adults pursuing the truck on tiny BMX bikes may still get weird looks.


At the core of HipPOPs are natural, gluten-free, kosher frozen POPs on a stick that are made with love from small, hand-crafted batches at the company’s micro-creamery in Dania Beach, Florida. Three varieties of high-quality signature Belgian chocolate dips and several crushed-nut “Poppings” combine for a gourmet treat that looks as popalicious as it tastes – with a fraction of ice cream’s fat content.


HipPOPs makes more than 100 delicious flavors, 15-20 of which are featured daily on their truck. Customers choose from gelato, sorbet or frozen yogurt, and three kinds of premium signature Belgian chocolate dips.



You’re encouraged to “top the POP” with delicious treat including:


–           finely crushed pistachios,

–          almonds,

–          hazelnuts

–          or pecans

So if you’re in the South Florida area, hop onto HipPOPS’  Find Us Page, Facebook Page or Twitter Feed to find out where their truck is going to be. Your inner child will thank you!

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