Find Your Moment of Coco-Zen

Coco-Zen chocolates are a one of a kind indulgence.  The truffles have such a smooth velvety texture, and intense flavor.  The milk chocolate was my absolute favorite…I’m a purist like that.  However, the dark chocolate was amazing too.  For those of you that enjoy true dark chocolate, you know the kind that isn’t overpowering with sweetness, then you will love the Coco-Zen dark chocolate truffles.  What is Coco-Zen?

Coco-Zen is a state of nirvana acheived by surrendering to the taste and aroma of lucious, rich chocolate.

Of course, we love that Coco-Zen’s chocolates are also Certified Fair Trade Organic and come in eco-chic reusable tins.  The details are not lost on me, and I love that each tin of chocolates also includes a Zen quote.  That’s all before you even have a bite!

Coco-Zen really is an experience that you must try for yourself.  They have the most adorable bunny truffles that are perfect for the Easter basket.  I would also highly recommend the Peanut Butter Bunnies and Bears.  They have such a rich, and yet subtle peant butter flavor that is incredible.

Sweet Deal! Receive 10% off your order through Easter (4-24-11) using the code ‘SUGAREAS11’

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