Fit Snack – Your Healthy Solution for Sweet Tooth Cravings

Here at SugarLoco we certainly enjoy a sweet treat, but sometimes it can be a little harsh

on our waistlines. From Pinterest recipes to Whole Foods and all of the healthy options

along the way, it gets a little overwhelming deciding which options are right for you.

AND more importantly… what is actually going to satisfy your cravings. Luckily there is

a solution that cuts out the bad, and leaves only the good. Fit Snack is a suspiration-based

box filled with tasty food you adore and nutrients your body deserves.


Yep, you read it correctly. Wholesome, yummy snacks delivered straight to your door

monthly. No reading the labels (well, maybe you should still check the labels), no baking

crazy recipes, no expensive price tags and no guessing. This is a simple way to get

delicious and healthy food into your home and most importantly, into your body.

While I enjoyed every single item that came in both of my Fit Snack sample boxes, here

are some of my favorites. My sweet tooth was singing!



Bite Fuel Power Bites Protein Cookies in Chocolate Chip – Holy cow… are you sure

these are healthy? Talk about heaven in a bag. These soft, gooey morsels were out of this

world. Check them out for a protein packed option of a childhood favorite. You won’t

regret it.



One Bar Fruit Bar – This little bar is an equivalent to one serving of fruit and contains

pears, apples, cherries and other natural fruit-based ingredients. It’s both vegan and

gluten-free and tastes like a Fruit Roll up on steroids.



Fiona’s Natural Foods Mountain Blend Trail Mix–I am not sure how I enjoyed Greek

yogurt prior to meeting this magical little bag. Mountain Blend is a mix of raw nuts/seeds

(almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts), fruit (raisins & cranberries), and

dairy-free chocolate. It is the perfect addition to my morning routine or for a quick snack

on the go.


Svelte Shake Protein Drink – Another new morning addiction! I added this to my daily

coffee and oh what a treat. I am still dreaming of the sweet and creamy vanilla flavor

packed into each bottle. It is vegan, gluten-free and made with organic ingredients.

Musclewerks D-Fine 8 Powder – I love drink additives and this absolutely made my

water pop. It is a 100% natural fat-burning dietary supplement drink that sincerely tastes

like lemonade. What more could a girl need?


FitSnack helped me discover and enjoy all of these new treats; I am already excited to see

what treasures will appear in my box next month. Visit to find a plan that’s

right for you and start your healthy snacking. Subscriptions begin at $23.90 and then

decrease in price point. In addition, Fit Snack puts community first. You buy 1 box and 1

meal is donated to Feeding America. It’s a win-win!




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