Fondant Fun with Brys + Edgewood Kits

I have a whole new respect for the fondant pros out there – Duff, Cake Boss, any of you others that I haven’t mentioned. You’re special.  You amaze me with your skill and I will forever be in awe of you.  I was sent this Mauvelous Fondant Cake Kit to try out, and even though I don’t have the greatest confidence when it comes to cake decorating {aka, I suck at it}, I did it.  I can honestly say, I DID IT, even through my husband’s weird faces as I crumb coated, and his snarls of distrust while I ruffled.  ruffle cake with fondant

Enter Brys + Edgewood and their fun fondant do-it-yourself kit.  Ya, I said it – DIY like a pro.  Step by step instructions for a Mauvelous creation like this ombre ruffle cake.  I’m serious, I made this one at home, and then so generously gave it to a friend, FTW.  Look at how gorgeous this is – and you don’t even see my sweat all over it (confession:  that’s because it’s their image)Lollipop fondant cake

Love this kit, and if I can make it look edible, you definitely can too.  Each kit comes with everything you need except eggs, oil, and water for the cake.  But, YES, the cake mix is included along with disposable baking pans, and all the fondants and colors.  Super simple.  Gorgeous.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…  Website


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