Foodie Happy Hour at YouTube Space LA pt. 2

We told you earlier this week about the AMAZING event we were invited to for the launch of SideChef. Even though we’re super impressed with the app itself, since we love sweets and drinks we wanted to share with you some of the food we were lucky enough to sample. Some of these chefs are working directly with SideChef, and some were just invited since they’re awesome chefs in LA. Either way, the food was delish. Our only complaint – the event was so popular and people loved the food so much that there weren’t any leftovers for us to take home :(.

foodiehh(Image Credit- SideChef)

Since there was so much socializing with YouTube stars and big time chefs, we HAD to start out with some drinks. The hosts were sweet enough to provide an open bar, but the line was LONG. Luckily, Caroline MiLi Artiss had a table with delicious spiked smoothies that helped us skip the booze line AND get the event started with a delicious treat. It’s called Batida de Coco, a Brazillian coconut drink. If they really drink these down there we think we might have our next vacation planned out.

(Video credit – Caroline MiLi Artiss’ Youtube Chanel)

Around the corner we met Anna O’Steele from Lovely Lady Cakes on YouTube. She made some beautiful and delicious chocolate chip cookies with sea salt for the event, and they were so good we ALMOST didn’t get to try them. We’ve started eating our darker chocolates and caramels with a pinch of salt recently, and it’s DEFINITELY the way to go. Making the cookies with it adds a whole new dimension to the flavor profile – if you haven’t tried this combo yet, either beg Anna to make some for you or try to make some yourself. She said that she didn’t make any cakes for the event because she had a 2 month old baby at home, but we don’t know if we believe her. She looked WAAAY too skinny for that to be true. Maybe her desserts have some sort of magical weight loss powers? (fingers crossed)


(Image credit – Anna O’Steele @lovelyladycakes)


We finished with an awesome crostini made by Julie Yoon. It’s not a dessert in the traditional sense, but the way it balanced sweet and savory makes it worth mentioning. It was a Strawberry and Steak Crostini with balsamic glazed onions, and it was PERFECT. The crostini was crispy without being rock solid, the steak melted in our mouths, and the strawberry and balsamic onions offered a tart little kick at the end. If you’re ever forced to make one dish that has to encompass a main course AND dessert, find this one on SideChef – it’s definitely worth a try!


All in all, we had an awesome time, and we want to thank the folks at SideChef and YouTube Space LA for inviting us. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have about 1000 SideChef recipes we want to try out, and only 3 days of long weekend. If you need us, we’ll be in the kitchen!

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