Four Snacks that are Even Better on a Stick

Snacks on a Stick

Let’s be honest, everything just tastes better on a stick. Whether you’re eating a snack on the go at the fair, or just looking for something different to serve guests at your party, there’ll be something here that you’ll really love. Here are the four best snacks that you can make even better by putting them on a stick.

French toast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull at all. French toast is a staple breakfast food, so why not liven it up? Thread cut up pieces of toast onto a skewer, along with sliced banana and raspberries. You can even add maple syrup for a sweet treat. This way, even if you’re running late for work, you can get out of the door and yet still have something substantial to eat. Breakfast will never be boring again.

Club sandwiches

When you think about it, isn’t a club sandwich really just a large kebab? Why not just take it the whole way? All you have to do is cut your sandwich ingredients into cubes, and slide them onto kebabs. These are perfect for lunches on the go, as they can be made in advance and kept ready for when you want them. If you’re looking to avoid sad soggy pre-packaged sandwiches or fast food, these are a great option that you can change up and keep from getting stale.

Frozen yoghurt and fruit

We all know that eating fruit is much better for us than snacking on unhealthy things, but it just doesn’t seem that appealing. After all, fruit takes longer to prepare and goes off much more quickly. Have you thought about making frozen kebab sticks of them? Thread your favorite fruit on a stick, swirl them in some natural yoghurt, and then place them in the freezer. Within half an hour, you’ll have a tasty frozen treat you can eat anywhere.

Rice Krispie treats

It’s time for your kid’s birthday party, and you want to serve up some sweet treats that all the guests will love. However, you want to serve something healthy so you’re not sending the kids all home on a huge sugar high. How do you strike a balance? Rice Krispie treat sticks could be the answer. Make your treats as normal, then thread them onto kebab sticks with pieces of fruit. Add some rainbow colored sprinkles to the kebab sticks, and you’ve got yourself a fun treat that everyone will love. As a bonus, the kids will be able to eat them while still staying in the action of the party.

These are just four ideas, but almost anything can be served on a stick if you think about it. Try these techniques out, and you’ll see that eating on the move is suddenly a lot easier. Inspired to create your own recipes? Try them out and let us know how they went.

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