French for Sugar, Naughty but Nice

French for Sugar isn’t joking around… these sweet treats are divine and turn any good little boy or girl into a naughty one as you can’t stop with just one treat from this bake shop! Based in central Denver, owner Michelle Hadden-Weekly, quit her corporate job to pursue her passion of baking with her grandmother’s secrets. The results, fresh, creative and innovative personalized treats. We were all a little skeptical on one 95-degree Denver afternoon as both our party and some neighbors have been bombarded by cupcakes in recent years. Michelle won us over in the sweltering in one bite. I chomped down on a fresh piece of key lime in her cupcake and knew this was the real stuff. The cupcakes are baked to order, gluten free, and oh, as we now know, so addicting. With flavors such as orangesicle and chocolate mocha, how can you resist? However, our clear favorite this warm summer day was ‘Take Me To The Keys,’ a keylime pie cupcake! Our most discernible observation was how Michelle’s frosting was so light and not heavy or sickening like so many others and how her cakes are so light and airy and not dry in our arid climate.


And it doesn’t stop with cupcakes. The bakeshop offers a number of delectable options such as cookies and very adorable mini pies. Seriously, who doesn’t love a mini pie? Our favorite were the cake pops which are out of this world. Personally, we loved the red velvet flavor. It is so moist, not too rich, and has a perfect hint of dark chocolate…can you say “yum”? Plus they are made with beet juice, meaning there is no added dye or corn syrup! Michelle notes these are some of her most popular items. 

The company also boosts an impressive resume. They are capable of baking up to 600 cupcakes for your next baby shower, wedding or event. And best of all, they are price friendly!  If you are looking for a cupcake, personalized cookie or any dessert creation that looks and tastes amazing and thoughtful, this is your place! We have definitely developed a sweet tooth for French for Sugar! 



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PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion

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