Fried Oreo Zeppole at Lavo {Las Vegas}

Nestled inside of The Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas is Lavo, an Italian Restaurant with Kobe meatballs, brick oven pizzas, steaks, and plenty of pasta dishes. Upstairs is one of the hottest Vegas nightclubs. But on this visit, my husband and I were focused one thing and one thing only: the Fried Oreo Zeppole with Vanilla Milkshake.

Sure, I like Oreo’s. And they disappear in a flash in my house.

But when I heard about how great the deep fried Oreo’s at LAVO in Las Vegas were, I wondered what all the fuss was.

Isn’t that something you get at a county fair? Could they really be that good?

I have no idea how fried Oreo’s taste as a county fair, but I know how they taste at Lavo and, yes, they really can be THAT good.

The server brought us out a long, thin plate with six warm, batter-dipped, deep-fried Oreo’s dusted with confectioners sugar.  The milkshake was served in a sundae glass and topped with another Oreo. Our server explained to us that the milkshake was perfect for dipping the Fried Oreo’s in.

Unlike my husband, I’m not big on dipping things into a milkshake, but I gave it a try and I’m glad I did. The warm Oreo’s paired perfectly with a quick dip in the cold milkshake. The Oreo’s had soften within the fried batter, which I think is one of the things I like the best about it. They had a soft, almost chewy texture that totally make me happy.

My first Lavo Fried Oreo Zappole experience was great — even the service was excellent. And I can see why these are a favorite. If you are visiting Vegas anytime soon, be sure to put Lavo’s Oreo’s on your sweet to-eat list!

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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