Frightfully Frozen Candy Treats for Halloween from Klondike

Halloween parties aren’t just for kids! In fact, nearly one-third of consumers (31.5%) plan to throw or attend a Halloween party, and more than 157 million Americans will celebrate the holiday this year, according to The National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey.


This year, we wanted to pass along candy-inspired ice cream treats from Klondike to share with you! Offering a more sophisticated take on the traditional bowl of candy, these frightfully frozen treats will take your Monster Mash to a whole new level with options such as:

KL_6PK_Caramel and PeanutsKL_6PK_Triple Chocolate KrunchKL_6PK_Mint Fudge CookieKL_6PK_Cookies and Cream

o   Klondike Kandy Bars Introduced in 2014, the Klondike Kandy line combines the perfect combination of a thick, chocolatey Klondike shell and creamy ice cream with mouthwatering candy bar goodness. The Klondike Kandy Line is available in four flavors: Caramel & Peanuts, Triple Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Mint Fudge Cookie.

Note: Starting in mid-October, Klondike Kandy Bars will be available in six-count packs (previously, they were available in four-count packs).  Even though the count has increased, the price will remain the same.

o   Klondike Bars – Available in two delicious candy flavors ― Reese’s and Heath ― these bars are a new take on the typical candy treat.


o   Klondy Shake – Choose your favorite Klondike Bar and blend with ice and milk to craft a fun frozen beverage.





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