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It’s Summer. But I want it to be Winter. No wait? I still want to swim. But then I want to snuggle up in a sweater and blanket. So confused. So many wants. Frozen. Hot….what do I want?

Ahhh……Frozen Hot Chocolate. Best of Both Worlds. You get the comfort of winter in the dead heat of summer! Amen to the Sugar Factory for answering my prayers! Oh wait? There’s more? You’re telling me how to make it at home! Woot Woot! Summer just got a whole lot sweeter!

Milk Chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate by Sugar Factory

For the chocolate mix:

130g dark chocolate 58%

130g milk chocolate 38%

200g milk


To make one frozen hot chocolate

-5 oz of the chocolate mix

– one scoop dark chocolate ice cream

– 2oz simple syrup

– 2 cup of crush ice

– bliss everything together serve and top with whipped cream and chocolate shaving .

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