Frutare Fruit and Milk Bars of Delight

Creamy. One of the words we all listen for when inquiring about a frozen dessert. Okay, sometimes you may want a fruity, thirst quenching Popsicle (and this humble brand offers those too), but most the time you want something that slowly glides down your throat, bringing a smile to your overheated face, as well as  your taste buds. This is where Fruttare and their delicious fruit and milk bars come in. In a whole host of mouthwatering flavors including peach, coconut and strawberry, Frutarre are sure to bring you a real taste of summer with their fruit filled, milk bars.


The banana fruit and milk bar was delightful. A perfectly balanced banana flavor, with real pieces of fruit spread throughout. So easy to enjoy that before you know it the entire bar is demolished and you are left with a sorry looking stick, separated from its charming friend. For only 120 calories you too can be treated to a wonderful change from the heavier ice creams that leave you feeling guilty after you consume 16oz of sugar. The banana fruit and milk bar was light, but creamy, simple, but impressive, and guilt free, but extremely satisfying. Reminiscent of a milkshake on a stick, these bars allow you to make the most of those long summer nights where you want a genuine, tasty dessert that pleases the sweet tooth, and allows you to see all the good in the world. In the words of Frutarre; It’s all in how you look at things, and from what we can see, it’s all good.

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