Gaetano’s {Denver}

PROSECCO ON TAP.  Are you sharing in my excitement? Though I could really end my story there, but I’ll take you further.

Walk off the North Denver streets into this old, made new, mobster hot spot, and you’ll feel like you were instantly transformed back into the 50’s.  A time when “skim” had nothing to do with milk, a “gift” was more of a “get out of jail free” bribe, and “pop” wasn’t something you wanted to drink.  Though the decor tells you one thing – this place is old school mobster times, yet the smoke-free environment tells you – you haven’t left 2012.  Gaetano’s newly re-opened on September 15, with a restaurant rich in history and culture from the Italian Mob days.  Almost creepy to think of what happened in the basement in those olden days…Maybe someone was confronted and bumped off by Jimmy No-Fingers.

I was here to drink the drinks and eat the desserts.  And that I did.

Want a taste of your childhood?  Go Spumoni.  I know it’s not completely out of the ordinary, but something about that Italian Neapolitan Chocolate, Pistachio, and Strawberry combo that really takes me back to mowing down my plate of spaghetti, just to get to my Spumoni ice cream.

Go grown up! Tiramisu and upgrade it by adding a shot of Leopold Brother’s French Press Coffee Liqueur to the top.  You’ll want to whack someone for more, it’s so good.  A slice the size of a house, creamy and light in texture, kick of espresso, and Leopold’s adds a fresh twist to the Italiano favorite.

Pretty sure the walls are still tainted with eavesdropping devices, so if you have any “business” to take care of keep it outside so you don’t get pinched.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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