Get Ready for Oktoberfest with this Beer Cocktail from Van Gogh Vodka!!!

We know it’s not October yet, but Oktoberfest is the type of thing you have to plan for in advance. Think of it as the grown-up Halloween of drinking. You have to get dressed up, go from beer garden to beer garden, and basically trick or treat to get beer from the scantily clad beer girls. Sure, the buzz is a little bit different than the sugar rush, and the hangover is a little worse than the entire-bag-of-candy stomach ache, but the concepts are still very similar.

So why make beer cocktails for Oktoberfest? Simple – no one wants to be the house giving away apples and dental floss on Halloween right? The same goes for these cocktails. You don’t want to be the host who JUST has beer at their Oktoberfest party. You’re going to want to kick things up a notch, and make your party into the metaphorical house that gives full candy bars.


Thankfully, Van Gogh Vodka sent us this recipe for Decadent Guinness. Think of it like a dessert beer – you get all of the thick, full creaminess of the Guinness with the extra kick and flavor of the vanilla vodka. Plus, it’s a super simple recipe. Ready for it? Here it is –


Decadent Guinness

1½ oz. Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka

1 can or bottle  Guinness Stout, cold

Add ingredients to a pint glass. Stir, and enjoy!

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