Get to Know the SWEET Behind the Salt Caramels

Ellen Daehnick, photo credit: John Bosley Photography

In a world of more, more, more…we love that Ellen Daehnick, of Helliemae’s, does one thing and does it well.  Caramels.  Thinking you have heard of Helliemae’s before?  We already gave you a little taste of the intense Helliemae’s flavor, but today, you will get better acquainted on a behind the scenes interview with this up and coming Denver company.

SL: What is Helliemae’s?

ED: I make deeply-flavored salted caramels that are dark and incredibly intense. Pushed to the very brink of what sugar + heat can do, these big beauties are made with more butter and cream than most, which means they’re not only delicious, they’re incredibly fresh-tasting, not sticky.

SL: How did you get your sweet start?

ED: I’ve made these for family and friends for years, ever since my friend Sy decided one night that instead of watching our planned DVD (All About Eve), we needed to learn to make caramels. Helliemae’s became a business in September of 2010.

SL: Tell us something unique about Helliemae’s

ED: Helliemae’s Salt Caramels are not mild – they’re intense. Fine desserts are often about subtlety and balance. My caramels are all about the wham-O.


SL: What is the customer favorite?

ED: Hands down, the Classic Salt Caramels. With crunchy, flaky, crystalline sea salt on top, the contrast to the smooth, creamy caramel doesn’t seem to be something anyone can resist.

SL: What is your favorite flavor?

ED: I go back and forth. Right now, I’m having a love affair with the Cardamom Caramels. The floral exoticism and warmth of cardamom just elevates the dark caramel for me.

SL: What does the future hold for Helliemae’s?

ED: Later this spring, I’ll be introducing a Caramel of the Month Club. You can give someone you REALLY like a subscription to a surprise every month. Sometimes it’ll be seasonal flavors of Helliemae’s Salt Caramels (like Apple in the Fall or Candy Cane at the holidays), and sometimes it’ll be a special little dessert made with the caramels (think mini coconut cakes filled with salted caramel).

SL: If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?

ED: I’d be some combination of super-dark caramel and bright tart lemon, with a strong cup of coffee on the side. Does anyone make that dessert? I need to meet them!


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