#GiftSugar Sugar Loco Holiday Gift Guide Introduces All Kinds of Whoopie @akwhoopie

All Kinds of Whoopie in Sugar Loco's Holiday Guide

Did you ever watch “The Newlywed Game” where Bob Eubanks would always refer to you know what as “Making Whoopie”??? Ahahah – I LOVE IT! Well our favorite Whoopie Pie friends are taking this delicious treat and making good fun with it too – with sayings like “Our Treats will have you screamin’ All Kinds of Whoopie” and “Come get your Whoopie On” how could you not love them?!

Whoopie Pie’s include flavors like:

  • Night & Day Whoopie
  • Inta-Mint Whoopie
  • Dark Indulgence Whoopie
  • The Guilty Pleasure Whoopie
  • Raisin’ Da Roof Whoopie
  • Lunch Break Whoopie
  • Playboy Whoopie
  • ‘Take the Cannoli’ Whoopie
  • Fist PumpKin Whoopie
  • Morning Whoopie
  • Nut-Case Whoopie
  • Snowball Whoopie
  • Ménage à Trois Whoopie
  • Spring Fling Whoopie
  • Cupid’s Arrow
  • Frap in the Face Whoopie

All Kinds of Whoopie in Sugar Loco Holiday Guide

Making the perfect Holiday Treat – be sure to order some today!

all kinds of whoopie


 Once you take a bite you’ll be taken back to a simpler time
& remember to enjoy the sweetness in life!

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