EVENT :: Wild West Gingerbread Village at the Broadmoor {Colorado Springs}

Let me get this off my chest, life does not suck at the majestic and historic Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.  Spoiling is their thing…And not by way of they carry you through the front door, set you down on a pillow of clouds, while Johann feeds you his fresh baked {carb and calorie free} breads, obviously with fresh churned butter, while burly Duke massages your feet.  Though I am sure Duke would happily massage your tootsies in the spa,  they don’t spoil you in that way, but in a “we’re gonna spoil the heck out of every sense you possess (yes, even those of you with a creepy 6th) – unreal sights of historic architecture, oh and those mountains.  Smells and tastes of handmade foods that make you pinch yourself to make sure you haven’t died and gone to heaven. Classic textures as rich as Donald Trump. And something non-tangible, a feeling this famous hotel captures, like you’re in another time.  It’s magical.

If ever I am invited to the Broadmoor I grab my keys and head out the door, without even having a date set. Seriously, I get that energized.  So you can imagine my excitement when I had a sneaky peeky at the new Gingerbread House exhibit for the holidays.  The theme?  Unusual, but adorable, for this time of year – the Wild Wild West.  This not-so-little showcase of 16 is truly a group effort by the culinary team and apprentices at the Broadmoor.  Each “house” (aka, jail, church, town saloon, tee pee} is hand crafted from scratch.  some have trains running around them, or are lit up with installed electrical hard-wiring, almost better living conditions than my own home, and a magical sight this time of year.

With the entire Broadmoor lit up with Christmas lights and decorated to the nines, it’s a Christmas tradition for many families to go up for the day, or take a weekend to enjoy the enchanting holiday festivities.  Have your family picture taken in front of their gorgeous fireplaces, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, or the Gingerbread Village.  Just don’t let the Gingerbread Sheriff catch you, you’ll be sent to the saw mill like these little guys.  YOWCH.


The Gingerbread Village runs now through January 1, go see it while it’s still hot.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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