New Opening :: Glacier Ice Cream and Gelato {Denver}

I start panic mode when I go to a tasting, taste, taste, and taste, and then realize I love everything that I’ve tasted. I start getting all sweaty trying to decide on a favorite when I just know I can’t.  So I taste more and more, especially in an ice cream shop when there are 32 flavors of ice cream and several gelatos and sorbets. I can keep going until I pass out from sheer tasting exhaustion.  Pure ice cream ecstasy.  And then one flavor stops me in my tracks.  It’s the one flavor that has me thinking about a bigger scoop – the Almond Gelato.  The nutty-cherry flavor of almond and the creamy smooth texture of the gelato had my eyes and mouth perking up and yearning for more.  Instant addict right here. Don’t make me leave, I wanna stay forever.Almond Gelato from Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato in Denver

I also fell deeply, madly, crazy in love with the lemon gelato and passionfruit gelatos.  If you’re going for ice cream alone, go for their best seller the Funky Donkey – a peanut butter ice cream with massive amounts of oreo cookies – like more than 1 cookie per bite.  So many handmade and chunky flavors to choose from, so little time.Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato Denver

Glacier Ice Cream has several locations in the metro area and Boulder, and just recently opened in Cherry Hills.  Right on the route I drive at least once a week, and now more just to get a scoop of that magic.

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