Glass of Milk Takes the Cake (pops)!

Cake pops? They seem to have sprung out of nowhere, and now they are EVERYWHERE. Loving all things sweet I was immediately intrigued with the size, shape, colors and overall cuteness.

And then I had one.


And another. What was the problem here? And then I did some research and learned that most – almost all – cakepops are made with boxed cake mix, baked up, crumbled, and mixed with canned frosting.


What was missing was any kind of genuine, homemade flavor.

And then I tried the cakepops from Glass of Milk Cake Company.

Cue angels.

THIS is what a cakepop should taste like – made-from-scratch cake, homemade frosting and dipped in real melted chocolate.

There is simply no comparison. They tasted fresh and delicious – so much so that I couldn’t stop “popping” them!

I sampled devoured all the flavors – vanilla, chocolate and red velvet – and they were all divine.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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